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Mask with melting spray cloth standard out again! Divide the products into 2 categories and 7 grades

Issuing time:2020-08-22 09:49

On May 21, Chengdu Medical Device Industry Association issued the group standard "Melt blown Nonwovens for Masks" (T/CDAMEI 001-2020), which has been implemented since May 22.

It is reported that there are three standards related to melting spraying cloth in China, which are respectively:

Spunbonded/Melt Sprayed/SPunbonded (SMS) Nonwovens (FZ/T 64034-2014)

Melt Blown Nonwovens (FZ/T 64078-2019)

Melt blown Polypropylene Nonwovens for Masks (T/JSFZXH001-2020)

Among them, spunbonded/melt-sprayed/SPunbonded (SMS) nonwovens are applicable to SMS products reinforced by hot-rolled bonding with polypropylene as the main raw material. Melt jet nonwovens is applicable to nonwovens produced by melt jet. The final use is not limited to masks. The standard only requires the width, quality per unit area, etc. The standard value of filtration efficiency, permeability and other key indicators is stipulated by the supply and demand contract. Melt-jet Nonwovens for Masks is a group standard for melt-jet nonwovens for masks published for the first time in China. It specifies requirements for raw materials, product classification, basic technical requirements, special technical requirements, inspection and determination methods, and puts forward specific requirements for product labeling.

The group standard for melt-Blown nonwovens for Masks released this time was put forward by The Chengdu Medical Device Industry Association and put into focus. It specifies the terms and definitions, product classification, product classification, technical requirements, test methods, marking, packaging, transportation and storage of melt-blown nonwovens for masks (hereinafter referred to as "melt-blown nonwovens"). The standard is divided into KN and KP according to the filtering performance. KN is only applicable to filtering non-oily particles, while KP is applicable to filtering oily and non-oily particles. According to the filtering efficiency level, the products are divided into KN30-KN80, KN90, KN95, KN100, KP90, KP95 and KP100.

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