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How will | spunbonded and melt-blown nonwovens industry develop in the future? Industry experts offe

Issuing time:2020-08-22 09:49

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, spunbonded and melt-blown nonwoven products, which are important raw materials of epidemic prevention materials such as masks and protective suits, have become the key words of "hot search", and the structure of China's nonwoven materials industry has also undergone great changes.

On September 5th, the symposium on the development of spunbonded and melt-blown nonwovens was held in Wenzhou. , deputy director of the state ministry of industry and consumer goods company xue-jun cao, gui-mei li, vice chairman of China industrial textiles industry association, China industrial textiles industry association method of spun-bonded nonwoven fabric club President li-dong Chen, xiao-ming qian secretary-general, and nearly 70 spun-bonded, melt-blown enterprises, to attend, head of China's spun-bonded, melt-blown nonwoven materials industry development present situation, facing problems and future development focus on hot topics are discussed in this paper.

In his speech, Cao noted that the COVID-19 outbreak, a major global public event, had caught everyone by surprise and the nonwoven industry had become a "star industry". Qualification in textile and medical supplies by the beginning of the epidemic, incomplete matching with only half a month time, masks, protective clothing and other related prevention material in our country has completed the extreme shortage to basic balance between supply and demand, and in the later to become the world's resistance to disease important production material, which not only reflects the nonwoven industry in our country industry chain supporting advantages, also fully shows the industry entrepreneur's social responsibility.

Since this year, China's nonwovens industry in the rapid development at the same time, also exposed a certain development problems. First, a large amount of foreign capital entered the industry in the early stage of the epidemic. Due to the lax market supervision, uneven product quality occurred from time to time. Although relevant national institutions issued policies to rectify the situation in the later stage, it still had a certain impact on the order and reputation of the industry. Second, in the first quarter when spunbonded and melt spraying products were relatively scarce, some enterprises took the opportunity to drive up prices, causing the price of melt spraying cloth to soar for a time, which seriously affected the market order. After multi-party coordination, it has been restored to the relatively rational stage, but the later influence has not completely disappeared. Third, a large number of low-end melting and spraying products have entered the market due to more self-supporting expectations of local enterprises. Although the epidemic prevention and control has entered the normal stage and the demand for related products remains high within a certain period of time, long-term attention still needs to be paid to the change of production capacity to prevent serious excess production capacity of melting and spraying products.

Cao suggested that in the future development process, China's nonwovens industry should first create and cultivate a number of leading enterprises with production scale, technical traction ability and social responsibility, and create their own brands with market competitiveness. Secondly, the standard construction should be improved. Although China's nonwovens industry has a complete industrial chain, there are still some problems, such as the gap in standard docking, insufficient rapid conversion capacity, and not timely conversion of standards for medical and industrial products. The third is to strengthen technology research and development, according to the digital, intelligent advanced technology, improve the level of equipment, product technology, to achieve the transformation of new technology to new technology; Finally, it is necessary to cultivate new markets and explore new application fields. Nonwoven products have many application possibilities, so we should take advantage of the current opportunity to improve product competitiveness, cultivate markets in the fields of daily necessities, industrial and medical applications, strengthen market interaction and realize industrial upgrading.

Ms Li said the COVID-19 outbreak had changed consumer habits and had a huge impact on the spunbonded and melt-blown nonwovens industries. The Association will continue to conduct in-depth research on the industry information, find out the market situation, improve the formulation of standards, guide the release of production capacity, help the enterprise brand building, and the application and promotion of new materials, new equipment and new products.

The leaders of teda Group, Xinfa Group, Jinsanfa Group, Biofu Group, Berry Group, Guangjian Group, Jiangsu Liyang New Materials and other enterprises put forward practical Suggestions for the development of China's spunbonded and melt-blown nonwovens industry. It is always believed that improving product quality, perfecting standard customization and strengthening industry supervision are important guarantees for the healthy development of spunbonded melt-blown nonwovens industry.

Improve product quality. In spun-bonded melt-blown nonwoven product demand significantly improve the present, nonwoven enterprise with social responsibility should not be blind investment, but should rationally choose to invest medium to high-end products, strengthen the basic research, establish product research and development base, product testing center, with rhythm, the plan, improve product quality, maintenance, market operation, build enterprise characteristics. The development of spunbonded and melt-blown nonwovens equipment is equally important, and key enterprises should join hands with each other.

Improve the formulation of standards. A surge in demand, a large number of foreign capital into the industry, melt-blown fabric rapid expansion capacity, further highlight the problem of product standard is not perfect, on the one hand, the existing reference standards time earlier, and the current application of quality requirement is not fully fit, affect the product production and testing, on the other hand, new kinds of recommended reference standard does not provide professional advice for enterprise production, product quality control. Entrepreneurs expect that while ensuring the supply and demand of the market, relevant industry organizations should timely clarify existing standards, formulate new standards and modify the original standards, so as to ensure the orderly development of the industry.

We will strengthen industry supervision. After the rapid development of spinning and melting nonwovens, they will enter the adjustment period of industrial structure, and the reasonable release of production capacity is an important subject for the development of the industry. Many entrepreneurs expressed the hope that the industry association and related platforms could strengthen the investigation of industry production, disclose more real industry information, and guide the market development. At the same time, strengthen industry training and enterprise contact degree, strengthen terminal materials market research, guide new capital to better play the industrial value.

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